Rustoleum Countertop Paint

Oct 20th
Kitchen Countertops Coating
Kitchen Countertops Coating

Rustoleum countertop paint is a product for painting kitchen countertop to make it well polished for the better surface appearance and value of the kitchen work surface. Kitchen countertops play different kinds of essential roles such as kitchen storage, a place to prepare meal and one of kitchen centerpieces which determines kitchen beauty and value. Your kitchen has to provide workspace as functional kitchen and countertops are considered as a must have kitchen workspace. If you find that your kitchen countertop is already outdated or look awful in appearance, then you need to make it refreshed significantly in order to create more beautiful kitchen work surface. You can use rustoleum paint for your outdated kitchen countertop and in order to get the finest result in using this particular product, then here are some instructions that you must follow.

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Rustoleum Countertop PaintRustoleum Countertop Paint

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How to Use Rustoleum Countertop Paint and Tips

First of all, you have to wash all of the kitchen counters very well by using water and soap until they are really clean. Right after you wash all of kitchen counters well, then you can tape them off with painter’s tape to make you easier when using the paint and you can simply brush off any paint that get out of lines. You have to wear mask when painting the countertops with rustoleum and let the kitchen windows open to provide a good air ventilation since the product has strong smell. When you are first rolling on the product, you will find it sticky so be careful when using it. Beside of just using the product for your kitchen countertop, you can also use it for backsplash and walls behind kitchen sink as well. When you are done with the first paint coating, then you have to let it dry by air approximately an hour and take off any painter’s tape. You will find it hard to remove all of the painter’s tapes since the product is strong when it gets dry, so you will probably find it stuck under the product. In matter of time, it will only take two hours in maximum to get your kitchen countertop become shining, very hard and smooth as well.

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Rustoleum Paint Color OptionsRustoleum Paint Color Options

Kitchen Countertops CoatingKitchen Countertops Coating

Rustoleum countertop paint is available in sixteen options of color to choose from according to your sense of style, kitchen theme and requirement to make your kitchen countertop becomes shiny, hard and smooth. When you are already done with the painting, it is recommended not to use the kitchen countertops until three days to make it really free from any strong smell.

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