Restaining Kitchen Cabinets

Feb 20th
Wood Restaining Kitchen Cabinets
Wood Restaining Kitchen Cabinets

Restaining kitchen cabinets is a great method to do to bring out the beauty of old kitchen cabinets with lesser money to spend than purchasing the new ones. When restaining kitchen cabinets, you have to make sure that you can take your time and it is highly recommended to follow proper steps in order to create a free blemish surface in the restaining project. Restained kitchen cabinets create a much better appearance of the old cabinets for the better beauty and value with lesser cost to spend than purchasing the new cabinets which can be very expensive. The kitchen cabinets which restained properly are more durable with easier maintenance which every house owners want. Well, you can freely choose the paint color for your restaining cabinets’ project according to your sense of style and requirement. Cabinets play major role in any kitchen no matter what design, style or theme since they are must have kitchen furniture. If you are planning on doing kitchen cabinets restaining by yourself, then you should follow these steps as your guides so that you can achieve the optimal result.

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Restaining Kitchen CabinetsRestaining Kitchen Cabinets

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Restaining Kitchen Cabinets Steps and Tips

If the kitchen cabinets are already finished previously, then removing the old finishes has to be done but you have to begin with sanding and conditioning if the cabinets are unfinished. You have to remove the knobs, handles, hinges, doors and drawers as well to be placed in different work areas. Then you have to strip any finishes which are pre-existing on the cabinets and you also have use lacquer thinner to remove lacquer. The finish has also to be removed away by utilizing steel wool. There are also other things to remove such as shellac and varnish by applying proper tools, which then you have to continue with spraying and wiping the wood by utilizing stripper neutralizer if it is recommended by the manufacturer of stripper product. Use 220 grit sandpaper to sand all cabinets’ surfaces, and in order to speed up the sanding process, you utilize use an orbital sander by sweeping or wiping away any sanding dust. Apply masking tape to mask off all of surfaces surrounding such as ceiling and wall. Apply wood conditioner coat by working it in the same direction for approximately two hours as the grain of wood but it is recommended to only use oil based conditioner if the paint color is oil based. It I also recommended to apply an initial coat of paint color by using a soft cotton or paintbrush by working it in the same direction with the grain of wood. You should apply a thick stain layer and let it soak into the wood for a few times indicated just like in the instructions. You should remove any excess of stain by using a clean cloth by working it in small sections to make sure that the stain is soaking into the wood at the same length of time. In order to be even in saturation of stain, you can apply two or three more stain coats and let it dry by air for approximately 24 hours long. In order to create a lustrous and water resistant barrier, you can apply a clear wood finish but it is recommended to only use oil based finish if the stain that you use is oil based as well.

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Restaining Kitchen Cabinets ProjectRestaining Kitchen Cabinets Project

Fine Restained Kitchen CabinetsFine Restained Kitchen Cabinets

It is highly recommended to take your time when you are doing the project of restaining kitchen cabinets since it will take some times and requires patience so that you can achieve the finest result. The project of kitchen cabinets restaining can also be fun if you pour your creativity by choosing color according to your sense of style.

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