Painting Kitchen Cabinets Before and After

Nov 2nd
Painting Kitchen Cabinets
Awesome Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets before and after can show the difference between unpainted and painted kitchen cabinets in significant way. Painting kitchen cabinets before and after can be used as references to remodel cabinets in your kitchen with new refreshing looks with inexpensive price. Kitchen cabinets are the most expensive furniture of the kitchen and it is going to be very costly if you purchase the new cabinets for your kitchen. As a must have kitchen furniture while also play role as storage, kitchen cabinets need to be properly chosen in color since it will be creating kitchen theme significantly while play part as kitchen feature which enhance kitchen beauty and value as well at the same time. But if you have limited budget to purchase brand new kitchen cabinets, then you can simply do cabinets remodeling in order to create fresh look for the better kitchen appearance. Here are tips in how to paint kitchen cabinets which you can use as references in creating beautiful kitchen with new appearance of your old cabinets.

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Painting Kitchen Cabinets Before and AfterPainting Kitchen Cabinets Before and After

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Tips in Painting Kitchen Cabinets Painting

You can do your own kitchen cabinets remodeling but you have to plan what colors which you will use before starting the project and it is recommended to choose colors which complement overall appearance of your kitchen. Well, you can also try new bold colors to create an enchanting contrast but you have to make sure that the paint suits the material of your cabinets. You can start by removing the doors of your cabinets along with the handles once you already have the proper tools that you need for the kitchen cabinets remodeling project. It is recommended to do the painting in a well ventilated area so that you can easily do the painting without messing with your kitchen space and you also will be avoided from dangerous paint odors. Before painting, you should wipe all the surfaces of cabinets that you want to paint by using appropriate cleaner in order to remove any grease and dirt on the cabinets. Let it dry and then do the sanding by using sandpaper to make sure that the paint will stick well on the cabinets’ surface. You can directly apply a primer right after sanding whether multi surface primer or one which is particularly specific to your cabinets’ material. You can simply use a paintbrush or a sprayer by working it from outer edges right to the middle if you want to create a professional look. It is highly recommended to let the primer to totally dry for approximately an hour or more and once it dried, you should sand the surfaces of primer again in order to make them smooth and free of gain. Then do the painting according to your color choice to create a beautiful color on your old cabinets.

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Painting Kitchen Cabinets ProjectPainting Kitchen Cabinets Project

Painting Kitchen CabinetsPainting Kitchen Cabinets

You should choose the paint according to your surface finish and you can also use oil based cabinets for more durable, washable finish and stain resistant cabinets. Now you can see the difference of the cabinets in the project of painting kitchen cabinets before and after which will make you astonished since you only spend lesser money if you do the project properly.

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