Painted Cabinets Color Ideas

Sep 17th
Old Wood Cabinets Impression
Old Wood Cabinets Impression

Painted cabinets color ideas are available to choose from according to preferences and requirement to create a beautiful and comforting kitchen appearance for the better value of kitchen space. You can apply painted cabinets color ideas to create your own kitchen cabinets with a particular paint color according to your sense of style. Cabinets play major role in any kitchen no matter what design, style or theme since they are must have kitchen furniture. Well, main role of kitchen cabinets is becoming storage in the kitchen which will make it look more spacious and beautiful in appearance. So in short, kitchen cabinets have multi functions in any kitchen which this is exactly why they are have to be always in the kitchen no matter what design, style or theme. If you want to have more durable, beautiful and easier in maintaining kitchen cabinets, then by painting them is a wonderful way to achieve such purpose.

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Painted Cabinets Color IdeasPainted Cabinets Color Ideas

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Tips in Painting Color for Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to do the painting kitchen cabinets by yourself, then you will need to have proper guidance in order to get the finest result that you can get. In the project of painting kitchen cabinets, it will not take a very long time since you can do it simply and fast with good result. There are different paint colors which you can choose according to your sense of style and design of your kitchen such as black paint color which will perfectly suit modern kitchen design. Well, there are some cabinets which not good with paint such as melamine and laminate cabinets. So it is not recommended to you to paint these two types of kitchen cabinets. There are two different glosses for kitchen cabinets paint, they are semi gloss and high gloss which you can choose according to your requirement. Adding more than just one color paints into cabinets will be wonderful to add more spice for beautiful appearance. In matter of effect of painting cabinets, there are different techniques which you can apply such as the crackle effect to create old fashioned appearance of kitchen cabinets which will be very amazing. Another effect is by distressing the wood which will make the wood to have cracks and dents to create impression of old cabinets. Once you have finished your cabinets painting, you may want to add designs of stencil which are available in different options to mix and match your overall kitchen décor.

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Modern Black Paint Color Kitchen CabinetsModern Black Paint Color Kitchen Cabinets

Old Wood Cabinets ImpressionOld Wood Cabinets Impression

The mentioned painted cabinets color ideas can be a great help in determining what paint color to apply to create a beautiful appearance of kitchen cabinets for more than just a value as kitchen furniture of storage. It will significantly enhance the cabinets’ role as one of the main kitchen features which determine the theme of kitchen.

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