Contrast Open Kitchen Living Room

Oct 17th
If you are planning on kitchen remodeling to create a beautiful and functional kitchen, then open kitchen living room is going to be the finest design option since it is the best kitchen design 2012. Beautiful kitchen means that the kitchen space has the nice, cozy and inviting atmosphere for all of family members to spend meal time or just…
Exclusive Large Kitchen Island with Seating and Storage

Oct 4th
One wall kitchen designs with an island are designs of one wall kitchen which the existence of kitchen island as a must have kitchen furniture to make the kitchen designs become functional for comfortable workspace. One wall kitchen is a typical kitchen design which utilizes only one side of kitchen wall and it is the perfect design for small kitchen…
Good Quality of Lighting Open Kitchen Design

Sep 10th
Open kitchen designs have modern appearance with beautiful and functional workspace for comfortable kitchen works. There are many designs of modern kitchen which can be applied in the effort to create a beautiful and functional kitchen according to modern era of year 2012. Since a kitchen is considered as one of essential spaces of a house, then it has to…
Spacious Kitchen Workspace Galley Shaped Kitchen

Sep 4th
Galley shaped kitchen is a typical layout of functional kitchen which uses two sides of wall which also called as double wall kitchen design since it forms galley shape. A kitchen has always been considered as one of important interior spaces of a house since it is not merely as a space to prepare meal but also has become a…
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