Kitchen Sink Drain Kit

Sep 27th
Kitchen Sink Drain Done
Kitchen Sink Drain Done

Kitchen sink drain kit does great in solving the problem of leaking kitchen drain with easy installation. If you find that your kitchen sink is leaking, then you will need this useful kitchen to cope with such issue. It is going to be very annoying to know that kitchen sink is leaking since you need to place a bucket to catch all of the dripping waters and you need to clean the mess as well. The leaking sink can happen because of the leaking water past the old hard putty or can also because of a bad connection of draining to the basket. Moreover, the basket threads can greatly vary which may cause more grief if we are trying to make the drain connection tighter. It is recommended to replace the baskets, drain pipe and p-trap as well in order to make sure that there is no leaking connection in kitchen drain sink. If you want to do the replacing work by yourself, then here are the instructions.

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Kitchen Sink Drain KitKitchen Sink Drain Kit

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How to Fix Leaking Kitchen Sink and Tips

First of all, you have to unscrew the nut to disconnect the p-trap from the drainline, but you should keep a bucket under to catch any dripping water from the leakage. Well, you do not need to shut off the water but you just need to remember that you should not use the faucet or you will get a lap full of water. The new p-trap is simply going to screw back on which will not need to do any cutting or gluing once you install the new drain. You will also find that there is no need to use tape or sealant when you are reconnecting, but you will need to do some modifications if your p-trap is not his type. Then you need to unscrew the old nuts drain from the sink basket by using a spud wrench and if you have a dishwasher, it is recommended to disconnect the hose from the nipple first. You have to make sure that the area in above and below of the sink are clean from any old gunk or putty. If you have a washer with white backing, then you have to remove it and center it in the hole, stick it to the sink and then you can set the basket into the hole. But it if your washer has no white backing, then you can simply slip it over the basket and the basket has to be inserted into the hole. Then you loosen the middle nut on the drain which then you have to slide in or out the extension to match the sink basin width. Each side of washer is added with a cloth and then screw the nuts to the baskets’ sink. You will not need any tape or sealant when doing it. As finishing touch, you have to connect the p-trap just like how it has to be and again, there is no need to use tape or sealant.

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Spud WrenchSpud Wrench

Kitchen Sink Drain DoneKitchen Sink Drain Done

Well, you have been described about kitchen sink drain kit which you can have as guidance in fixing the problem of leaking sink. You have to make sure that all of the nuts are tight but it is not recommended to be over tight.

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