Functional Comfortable Galley Shaped Kitchen

Sep 4th
Spacious Kitchen Workspace Galley Shaped Kitchen
Spacious Kitchen Workspace Galley Shaped Kitchen

Galley shaped kitchen is a typical layout of functional kitchen which uses two sides of wall which also called as double wall kitchen design since it forms galley shape. A kitchen has always been considered as one of important interior spaces of a house since it is not merely as a space to prepare meal but also has become a favorite space for family gatherings more than just a space to prepare meal or have meal time but fun chit chat as well at the same time. The style of kitchen in this year of 2012 has characteristics of modernity, beauty and functionality which reflect that a kitchen is an interesting interior space of a house. The galley shaped kitchen is a different version of one wall kitchen which only uses one wall side as display for kitchen portions such as countertops, backsplash, sink, stove, refrigerator and cabinetry. If you want to have functional kitchen layout with a lot of kitchen appliances, then choosing the layout of galley kitchen is definitely a wonderful idea.

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Functional Galley Shaped KitchenFunctional Galley Shaped Kitchen

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Galley Shaped Kitchen Reviews and Tips

Galley shaped kitchen layout has two rows of kitchen workspaces on both side of kitchen space and the third one on the other side which creates triangle workspace that connects the two kitchen wall sides. It is included into wonderful kitchen design for professional chef to make it comfortable and convenient when doing kitchen works. It is taken for granted that you will find it very comfortable when doing kitchen works since of spacious workspace as a functional kitchen layout. In order to create functional galley kitchen, it is recommended to provide more than just 120cm space between cabinetry for more than just one person to be well accommodated when doing the kitchen works. It is also recommended to provide about 50cm space for oven doors so that it will open without any trouble and 60cm for a unit door to comfortably open. In matter of kitchen cabinets, you should choose the one that has open shelving to prevent the galley kitchen looks cramped. The triangle workspace of galley kitchen can be created by facing kitchen sink, fridge and cooker along one side of kitchen wall or simply by fitting the cooker and sink into the kitchen island in order to create more space on the opposite side of work surface to make it comfortable when doing kitchen works.

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Comfortable Kitchen Workspace Galley Shaped KitchenComfortable Kitchen Workspace Galley Shaped Kitchen

Spacious Kitchen Workspace Galley Shaped KitchenSpacious Kitchen Workspace Galley Shaped Kitchen

So if you are planning on kitchen remodeling since you want to have a very functional kitchen, then galley shaped kitchen is going to be the perfect kitchen layout to decide. It is taken for granted that you will have more spacious kitchen workspace which provides you comfort and convenient when you are doing your kitchen works.

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