Dark Kitchen Cabinets to Complement a Minimalist Kitchen

Mar 17th
kitchens with dark cabinets
kitchens with dark cabinets

Dark kitchen cabinets are a set of equipment in the kitchen is very elegant. Told elegant because it has an excellent blend, which is between a black or dark color with white or also with beige marble. The black color does give the impression of luxury for the kitchen or other room. You can design a kitchen cabinet with several doors at the top and bottom. So the point of the cabinet is made with two pieces, mostly placed hanging above, and others were on the top floor. You can close all the walls with the cabinet. In the middle between the closet with the following you can use to cook and others with marble decorations.

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Dark kitchen cabinets into a luxurious interior

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The luxurious interior has indeed a certain satisfaction to the owners. You can design your own kitchen to make it look more luxurious. The kitchen floor you can use brown colored wood, or using a ceramic that has a style like marble. Then use paint the walls beige or white. Complete with some elegant lighting. You can create a table for cooking and dispensing food which also serves as storage cabinets for your kitchen furniture.

Matching design for the kitchen

Matching design to the kitchen with dark cabinets in the kitchen is a large window that is capable of providing illumination during the day, or you can also use a small light bulbs found in the kitchen ceiling. You can also add 3 pieces chandelier hanging above the bench in the middle of the room which is usually located near the stove. Also use corner cabinet to complete the interior of the kitchen so as to minimize empty space in the kitchen. Color combination of dark furniture with lighting the lamp will create an impression that is very elegant and luxurious.

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