Create Country Kitchen Using Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Mar 19th
rustic red kitchen cabinets
rustic red kitchen cabinets

Rustic kitchen cabinets are best furniture to make your kitchen look unique and timeless but still give elegant view. They are the perfect choice if you want to make kitchen in rustic style and you can combine them with other rustic furniture such table, chair and flooring to make the rustic nuance stronger. Natural nuance will feel in warm color and wooden natural motifs. There are various styles, colors and materials that you can choose for rustic accents in your kitchen cabinetry. You have to get knowledge about rustic and you can choose the right one.

Rustic kitchen cabinets characteristics

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When you decide to have rustic cabinetry for your kitchen, you have to know the characteristic of rustic before you purchase them. The important characteristic of rustic style is the color. It contains natural and warm colors with real natural wooden motifs. The cabinets do not painted in glossy, they left in rugged, faded or even matte to show the real nature. You can choose the color in pale green instead of wooden color to create rustic look in the kitchen.

Types of wood for cabinets

There are various materials of wooden that you can choose for your rustic cabinets. They are alder, cherry, maple and oak. They have different characteristics from each other. Alder is softer than other woods, its color comes in pale red to reddish brown that look very beautiful. This kind of wood is very suitable for rustic option. If you want elegant rustic, you can choose cherry, that come in tan blonde to deep brown and will turn darken as its age. The other material is maple that comes in creamy white to pale reddish brown with various natural patterns. The last is oak with salmon red to dark cinnamon and suitable for rustic look.

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