Cool Locker Ideas for Students

Mar 28th
cute locker ideas
cute locker ideas

Students could implement various cool locker ideas to really enhance the appearance of their lockers that are the only spot in school belong to them. Decorate the locker for a better look of it while also showing your personality through it as well. Before start decorating though you will have to check the rules first to really know and understand what things that you could do in terms of decorating the clocker itself.

Cool Locker Ideas: Clean and Organized

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Clutter is definitely a big enemy of any decorating matter. So the very first step to do in decorating your locker is to clean the locker first. Put away things that are not really belonging to the locker and things that are not needed at school. It will reduce the fullness of the locker thus resulting in a cleaner locker. Once the locker has been cleaned, then start placing and organizing things that are needed at school. Begin with books especially heavy books that are rarely used at home. If the locker is clean and organized, it will already be cool even without decorations.

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Locker Decorating Ideas: Be Yourself

One easy way to add more style to your locker is to show your personality. Placing your favorite photos is one good way to start. Moreover adding your collectibles such as postcards, articles, or even posters could also be a great idea in decorating the locker with your own personality. Cool locker is not just about the look but also the scent. Consider leaving one of your perfumes inside the locker to keep it in a nice scent. Putting a sign outside the locker is also a great way to decorate the locker. You can simply create a nice looking writing of your name then attach it on the locker’s door.

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