Blue Kitchen Cabinets for a Simple Kitchen

Apr 5th
navy blue kitchen cabinets
navy blue kitchen cabinets

Blue kitchen cabinets is a very unique kitchen design, where the kitchen furniture such as cabinets kitchen cabinets dim blue or light blue. The blue color here it gives the impression as in the ancient royal era long ago. A blend of white and blue would liven things up. You can create with wood cabinets painted in blue or can also use a stainless steel material that can be blue, too. All materials for the cabinet you can adjust to your needs and also your money.

Blue kitchen cabinets give the impression of a simple

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A arrangement of cabinets and shelves plate with blue color is very cool to look at, it also would give the impression of a simple but ancient as the first royal era. A mix of storage cabinets that cover the walls are painted in blue and silver-colored modern furniture is suitable. This makes your kitchen look modern ancient spring. Combine well with simple tables and chairs made of wood with the legs of the table are big and strong and a few pieces of wooden chairs have a unique woven rattan.

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The furnishings that complement the blue kitchen

The kitchen which has blue cupboard cabinets will be perfect paired with silver-colored modern furniture. It gives the impression of an antique fancy. A table and some chairs long also suitable for kitchens combined with shades of blue. also put some fruit when and marine paintings to add to the artistic impression. You can also use a plate, bowl or cup and teapot fashioned to complement this blue kitchen. For the kitchen of this kind, it is not so necessary to excessive illumination, because the blue color itself already gives brightness to your kitchen. You are free to pour your creative ideas to decorate your blue kitchen. Prioritizing not to mix too many colors other than blue and white.

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