Beadboard Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing

Mar 15th
beadboard kitchen cabinets wholesale
beadboard kitchen cabinets wholesale

If you have old cabinetries in your kitchen then try to refinish them in beadboard kitchen cabinets style for a new and unique look. Beadboard is a type of finish using hardwood usually that has functions to chow craftsmanship or define character of the items such as cabinetries or other woodworking projects. There are 3 styles of the beadboard to find today which are 1.5-inch beaded, 3-inch beaded, and 1.5-inch notched. They could give different look over your old cabinetries in the kitchen.

The Installation of Beadboard Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing

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Begin the process by removing doors and drawers away from the cabinets. Measure the front side of the doors and drawers then also measure exposed spots on the sides of the cabinets as well. The vertical wood pieces in front of the cabinets are also need to be measured as well. Once the measuring is done then apply the measurements on the beadboard then cut the needed pieces in the exact measurements using a table saw. In cutting the beadboard begin by cutting across the grain first then parallel to the grain for the next part. Cut large pieces at first. Once the cutting is done then attaches the beadboard to the cabinets. To attach the beadboard place wood glue on the perimeter first then simply places the beadboard there. Do not place the glue on the beadboard. Secure the beadboard further by using nails.

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Final Touches of Beadboard Kitchen Cabinets DIY Refinishing

Once the beadboard is attached, there are several finishing touches to be done. Sand the edges and surfaces using 100-grit sandpaper to smooth them up and to remove loose wooden fibers. Add the desired color to the beadboard using dipped sponge. Then last thing to do is to spray two layers of aerosol lacquer in order to protect the surface of the beadboard itself.

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